This whole blogging thing…

Okay, so nobody said I am perfect. I mean…. come on, who is? I suck at blogging. But its not without trying! I was never even good at keeping a diary! I mean, who does that anyways? Thats like begging to have your secrets found out, they always get read!

I’m not even sure what to make my first post about. It will probably be a bunch of rambling at this point, but I will talk about this weeks adventure. Not so much an adventure, but I had a Septorhinoturbin surgery. I think I said that right. Basically I had a deviated septum and enlarged turbinate. Because of these issues, I had trouble breathing properly, specifically when I run. So, I am hoping that the procedure was worth it, because right now… the pain is unreal. having two almost 9 lb babies was easier than this surgery. At least after birth I was able to get up and walk around and do things.

I will keep you updated as time goes by on how it is either working or not working. Or not? I can promise that I will try. And please feel free to ask questions for me to actually write about. Whether it be about cooking, home improvement or whatever your heart desires.

My next post will be about the corner nook I built in my kitchen! Im rather proud of it if I say so myself.

Hasta la proxima, chao!!


Welcome or ¡Bienvenido!

This is the post excerpt.

     If you are looking for a page of a real person, someone with a life and is nothing but honest about this life, then by all means… keep reading! I am so excited to start my very first blog! I can’t lie, there will be times where I won’t type for at least a week… but rest assured, I am here!! Also, I want to point out that my grammar isn’t always the best, so if you are the grammar police… please just move along. I am a very busy wife (Julian), mother of 2 young boys (Liam Michael & Lucca Julian), fur mommy to two very energetic dogs (Romeo & Lola(Lolita)), a soldier in the military, a Real Estate Agent, a property management business owner and friend (did I get it all??) It is easy to say that I am always exhausted, wearing yoga pants and trying to keep my life together. But hey, I am only human and we are all in this together.

 This site is something that I will be posting recipes, reviews on random things and ideas for the everyday family. Sometimes… it may even serve as just a daily dairy/story of events of the day or week. This isn’t a fancy schmansy blog. This is real life. The good the bad, the ugly and sometimes the gross. But you know what…thats just all apart of living. From the richest people in the world to the poorest people, you can’t escape life and all of its wonder.

Stick around a while. Let me know if you have any questions or requests! I hope you enjoy my crazy little family life adventures that is Casa de Caselli. Hasta la proxima, chao!!

P.S. Enjoy learning some Spanish terms while you are here 😉